You can draw your own graphs now!

Sorry, no pictures this time, there’s nothing new to show. However, you can play with the grapher now, so go grab the source from the repository. The details of the update are in the commits. First I wanted to polish the grapher a bit more before this release, but I got held down by more duties than I had expected, and I figured it’s only for everyone’s benefit to start exercising the code as early as possible. It also gives you something to provide feedback on.

There are two main features I’ll add to this grapher: zooming-panning and a socket based remote control interface that allows other programs to use it as a display. It might even become a generic grapher that’s attached to the profiler output through some minimal glue code that also uses the remote interface. The same glue code could actually be used to make profiling output available over the network to anyone interested, sharing the protocol of the grapher.

It’s also time to start thinking about the history manager (I’m reluctant to call it a framework, however fancy it would sound ;). At this point, the most important question is which windowing toolkit to use. I have already collected some vague ideas on the project wiki, and I’d need some advice on this.

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