hp2any on Hackage

As the title says. Since the final deadline is very close, I uploaded the current versions of the hp2any packages. There are three of them: hp2any-core, hp2any-graph, and hp2any-manager. That’s also the order in which they depend on each other, so e.g. if you don’t want the history manager (because, say, you are a Windows user and don’t have the GTK bindings installed), you can get just the other two.

The graph package contains a directory called ‘test’ that includes a little example to get started with. The manager should be straightforward to use for the most part, the only thing to remember is that you can zoom graphs with the mouse wheel. Nevertheless, a little readme is included in its package.

There hasn’t been much change since the last update. The biggest issue was the fact that GLFW got broken due to the recent OpenGL update, so I switched to GLUT in the grapher. I also spent some time on cleaning up the code and the Haddock comments for the library interfaces. Everything should be functional, but please do exercise the code a bit and share your comments. :)

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