Remote profiling at your fingertips

Yes, it’s time for another code release after a long hiatus. You can grab the source from the repository, and it should even be able to compile without any major hiccup. The grapher is now capable of connecting to a profile relay server that can broadcast the heap profile of its associated process on the fly. Stopping either the process, the server or a grapher client is handled gracefully. Thanks to decoupling the grapher and the process in the remote case, it is now possible to attach an observer to a program that was started earlier. Here’s the proof:

It’s hopefully obvious that the clients were attached at increasing times from top to bottom, and I flipped the mode of the middle one just for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, even though the code to achieve all this is quite small (hey, thanks Haskell!), getting it to work at a reasonable level of stability took longer than expected. Therefore, instead of adding remote control features to the grapher right away, I’ll start preparation for the history manager, otherwise I might not be able to get it working before the final GSoC deadline.

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