How to start?

This blog was created mainly to document my Great Haskell Profiling Adventure, but there’s no guarantee it won’t grow beyond that bubble, even if I’m generally lazy and prefer reading about others instead of exposing my own little self. So hello world, we’ll see how far we can get.


  1. Anonymous17/5/09 14:32

    Hi! Great to see that you are blogging about your project!

    I added you to my RSS reader, because I think yours is one of the most interesting and useful (and ambitious!) GSoC projects. I really hope that you will decide to keep blogging about it. If nothing else, it helps keeping yourself on track!


  2. Hello Thomas,

    it’s funny that you consider my project to be the most ambitious one, while I think it’s relatively simple compared to the others. But I guess that’s normal, since everyone is most familiar with the topic they chose for themselves.

    As for your project, a powerful Eclipse plugin will be extremely useful in teaching, because I can’t really convince my students to switch to Emacs no matter how wonderful it is. ;) I’m sure it will attract many people if they see that they don’t have to leave their usual environment, especially if it can prevent typical beginner mistakes that lead to cryptic compile-time errors.

    So much for now. Good luck!